Corrective Therapeutic Massage

What makes us Different!

We aren’t your typical “spa”. We offer you quality not quantity!  At Grace Spa & Wellness we work together as a team to find  personalized solutions to meet your specific needs.  You deserve to have a relaxed, peaceful, & sophisticated atmosphere where you are the focus and not just the next person in line!  We want to make every moment, experience, or conversation count!   Last but not least, we not only want to leave you totally relaxed and stress free but we want to give you the education and the tools you can use to have a fuller, freer, stress free lifestyle!

Advanced Back & Sciatica Care

Advanced Therapy Care for Sciatica & Back Pain



A Better You from the Inside Out! 

We offer more than just massage! We offer solutions for long term relief from pain! Did you know that muscle imbalances and poor posture can cause pain, tension, and injury? Did you also know that rubbing where it hurts will not fix the issue? Our therapist are specially trained to ensure ultimate relaxation AND pain relief!  Grace Wellness Centers is focused on offering you solutions to the whole you!  Mind, Body, and Spirit!  See our services for a full listing of what we offer!