What is Pastoral Counseling?

Pastoral Counseling is still a hidden gem the the counseling community and there are distinctive differences between Certified Pastoral Counselors and Licensed Clinical Counselors.  Proud to say that I am training for certification through the National Christian Counselors Association (NCCA)

Pastoral Counseling vs. Clinical Counseling

Pastoral Counselors

* Pastoral Counselors generally are not regulated nor required to be licensed by states because it is considered a religious occupation or calling.

* Pastoral Counselors help their clients to navigate through a spiritual lens and Christian perspective.

* Pastoral Counselors to receive training which  properly prepare them to work with their clients.  Steps are taken to ID and refer needs that fall outside our scope of practice   

* Pastoral Counselors do not diagnose medical conditions.

*  Both use assessments as an essential tool for counseling

*  Pastoral Counselors utilize the Bible as a self-help book.


Clinical Counselors

*  Clinical Counselors who are licensed as Mental Health professionals by their state are governed by the laws of their state.


* Counselors assist with navigating their clients through challenges.

*  Licensed Professional Mental Health Counselors are qualified to handle more advanced and complex areas of mental health


*  Clinical counselors are able to medically diagnose clients. 

*  Both use assessments as an essential tool for counseling.